Takeuchi TW40 Wheel Loader

The Takeuchi TW40 Wheel Loader has a compact design that allows them to easily maneuver in tight spaces with minimal damage to lawns, pavement, or other sensitive surfaces.  The TW40 provide incredible reach and dump height for outstanding material handling, and the spacious operator’s station is elevated giving the operator greater visibility and job site awareness.  The Takeuchi TW40 compact wheel loaders deliver power and precise control for increased productivity, and lower operational and maintenance costs which make them a great alternative to skid steer loaders.  So, whether you are loading mulch and sod, removing snow, feeding hoppers, or sorting and stockpiling material, you will find Takeuchi TW40 wheel loaders are an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Performance. Durability. Operator Comfort. Serviceability.

Click the tabs below to view the Takeuchi TW40 Wheel Loader product specifications.

5 ft 7.5 in (1,715 mm)
Ground Clearance
1 ft 3.7 in (400 mm)
Overall Height 8 ft 0 in (2,447 mm)
Maximum Lift Height to Bucket Pin
9 ft 7.7 in (2,940 mm)
Dump Height Fully Raised
7 ft 8 in (2,340 mm)
Maximum Dump Angle Fully Raised
45 degrees
Maximum Bucket Rollback at Ground Level        
48 degrees
Inside Turning Radius
5 ft 2.8 in (1,596 mm)
Overall Width Without Bucket
4 ft 11 in (1,500 mm)
Outside Turning Radius
10 ft 4 in (3,150 mm)
Overall Operating Height
11 ft 10.3 in (3,615 mm)
Overall Length (with bucket)
14 ft 3.4 in (4,355 mm)

Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity
7.4 gal (28 L)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 10.3 gal/min (39 L/min)
Hydraulic System Pressure (psi)   3,988 psi (27.5 MPa)

Operating Weight
7,275 lb
(3,300 kg)
Tipping Load, Straight 5,842 lb (2,650 kg)
Tipping Load, Full Turn
8,102 lb
(3,675 kg)
ROC (SAE J818*)       
2,645 lb
(1,200 kg)
Bucket Breakout Force 7,126 lb (3,232 kg)
Lift Arm Breakout Force
5,260 lb (2,386 kg)
Traction Force
5,620 lb (2,500 kg)
Cycle time
Raise-Full Load 4.0 seconds
Lower-No Load
3.5 seconds
Dump-Full Load

Make / Model
Perkins / 403D-15T
Cylinders / Displacement
3/91 cu in (1.49 L)
Horsepower Gross (ISO 14396)       
39.4 hp (29.4 kW)
Tier Rating Interim Tier 4
Rated Engine Speed
2,800 rpm
Maximum Torque
82.6 ft-lb @1800 rpm (112 Nm)
Engine Lubrication
3.1 qt (3.0 L)
Cooling System
6.3 qt (6.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity
18.5 gal (70 L)
Electrical System
12 volts / 65 amps

Traction Aid
45% Differential Lock in Front
Transmission Type Hydrostatic drive with 100% hydraulic inching pedal
Axle Type Rigid axles with outboard planetary reduction
Parking Brake Lever operated drum brake
Service Brakes Hydrostatic with hydraulic drum brake
Steering Articulation       
40 degrees left / 40 degrees right
Frame Articulation 12 degrees left / 12 degrees right
Travel Speed – Low Range         4 mph (6.5 km/hr)
Travel Speed – High Range 12.4 mph (20 km/hr)


  • EPA Interim Tier 4 Compliant
  • Water Cooled
  • Extended Life Coolant
  • Dual Element Air Cleaner with Restriction Indicator
  • Heavy Duty Radiator and Oil Cooler


  • Electronic Engine Monitoring System, High
  • Beam Indicator, Turn Signal Indicators, High Speed
  • Indicator, Directional Lights Fwd / Rev
  • 12 volt System with 65 amp Alternator
  • Work Lights, Front and Rear
  • Engine Preheat
  • Back-Up Alarm


  • Hydrostatic Drive with 100% Inching Pedal
  • 45% Limited Slip Differential, Front
  • Outboard Planetary Drives
  • Two-Speed Travel
  • Cable Operated Parking Brake
  • Hydraulic Drum Service Brake
  • Heavy Duty 31 x 15.5 – 15 Construction Tire Assembly


  • Priority Steering
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Lines Plumbed to the End of the
  • Loader Arms
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Detent for Continuous Operation
  • Hydraulic System Test Ports
  • Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gauge
  • Loader Arm Float


  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic SSL Style Quick Attach Coupler
  • Z-Bar Linkage
  • Powerful Bucket and Lift Arm Breakout Forces
  • Bucket Float Function
  • Mechanical Bucket Positioning
  • Heavy Duty Self Aligning Loader Bushings with
  • Oversize Pins
  • 60” High Capacity Bucket with SSL Hitch (0.66 yd³) (optional)
  • Bolt on tooth bar for 60” bucket (optional)
  • Bolt on reversible cutting edge for 60 (optional)


  • Fold Down ROPS / FOPS Guard
  • Deluxe Lighting Package for Work, Driving and
  • Signal Lights
  • Large Steps and Grab Handles
  • Elevated Operator’s Station
  • Multi-Function Joystick for Machine Direction Fwd / Revand Loader Controls: Raise, Lower, Curl, Dump
  • Optional Enclosed Cab with Heat and Front and Rear Wiper

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